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Next Event: Aug 4th @ 12:30 am

Prom Night Skate

Come shred with us at the Cochrane Skate park and enjoy delicious pizza from our pals at Panago!

Any Age

Any Skill Level

No Experience Necessary

Support and Mentorship

Completely Free

    Common Questions

  • Yup! We want every single shred betty who wants to participate to be able to, so we're keeping our skate night events completely free. Skate camps and other events will have a small fee to cover operational costs.

  • We care about safety, big time! We require all girls on the park to wear a helmet and encourage the use of knee/elbow pads and wrist guards. We've got mentors on site to watch for dangerous tricks and teach fundemental skills so the girls feel confident and exercise caution while shredding.

  • Our amazing sponsor SHREDZ Shop wants to help! If you need help getting some wheels, get in touch and we'll get you rollin'.

  • Prom Nigt Skate is a casual drop-in event and we don't currently require registration to attend. Come on down to the Cochrane Skate Park on Tuesday nights to join in on the fun!